Hotel Ristorante Sorriso - loc. Il Saltino Vallombrosa Firenze
Hotel Sorriso is situated about 1,5 km from the Vallombrosa’ s abbey.
The village of Saltino is the ideal place for to spend a very pleasant summer holiday near Pratomagno.
In the antiquity Saltino village was only a wild and windy place; there was also a little chapel wanted by the vallombrosani monks. This little chapel was near the Masso del Saltino of Today thar wa a refuge for shepherds and travellers.
The popular tradition says that a tailor jumped in the precipice from the Masso del Saltino; from the tailor’s suicide borned the name of Sartino, that will be changed in the actual name of Saltino.
But it’s more probable that the name of Saltino borned from the word Saltus, that in latin means mountain pass.
In fact this place defines the pass of Appenines and the frontier between Florence’s and Arezzo’s territories.
Prices : min. € 55 max. €60 for person (lunch and diner included)

Hotel Sorriso Graphics and Photo by Studio.Web 2007